Thursday, December 01, 2011

december daily 2011

for years, i have attempted on embarking on a december daily project
ali edwards started this back in 2007. i've long wanted to do one but i always get stumped along the process.

this year, i will once again attempt to do this project!  i know it will be tough on me considering that most of my free time at home is spent taking care of nikko.  still, i want this project done.  it will be nikko's first christmas and i want this christmas season documented. 

i guess i just have to take this one step at a time.  i've decided that i will approach it differently this time around.  i have listed the process i will take, and i'll adjust accordingly:
  • take photos daily, consistently
  • jot down details of the day in a notepad and/or through the blog (to avoid forgetting the little details)
  • gather the photos and have it developed every 3 days
  • create the pages
  • post the pages on the blog
as for my materials, i will use this christmas themed 8x8 album. the cover will be altered a bit later.  for the papers, i have accumulated (or should i say hoarded) a lot of christmas papers in the past. now is the best time to use these.  embellishments will also be coming from my existing (hoarded) stash.

that's it! let's see where this project leads me.   i truly hope i get to finish this!


  1. Goodluck Liza, sana tuloy tuloy yang December Daily, enjoy the process =)

  2. Hello Liza, I like the way you plan the Daily December project. I am attempting to do this for the first time. So far so good! Have fun!