Friday, December 02, 2011

december daily 2011: day one

like i said in my earlier post, i will blog about my december daily first and scrapbook pages will just follow.

and so it's day one...

our december started off with my in-laws staying with us for two days to spend time with nikko.  he was barely a month when they went back to dipolog and now, nikko is way bigger.  he's such a charmer and he knows how to get your attention with his adorable smile. it's always a joy to wake up with him around. nelo and i love spending the first hour of the day playing with him before we prepare for work.

it's back to work after a one-day holiday.  and i forgot that it was nilda's birthday.  as our usual practice, a salo-salo for lunch in honor of the celebrant.  i've been in this office for almost seven years already. i conside them my second family considering the amount of time i spend at the office.

it's nikko's 6th month birthday the next day.  i had to buy a cake first before going home.  we've set-up a tradition of sorts every monthly celebration of nikko. looking forward to it.

i tried to squeeze in a little scrapping time in the evening while nikko was sleeping.  unfortunately, it wasn't long before he was calling for my attention (and his milky) once more.

and that's it for day one.
will scrap the pages soon.

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