Tuesday, December 06, 2011

december daily 2011: day two

well, life just always gets the best of me when it comes to posting regularly.  still, i am trying to really document my december daily happenings.  

although it's late, here's day two:
it's nikko's 6th month birthday! and as we've always done in the past months, we start off the day with a cake blowing ceremony.  he wasn't smiling as much that morning, it turned out he was already sleepy. after the photo session, he immediately fell asleep.

it's also memorable for nikko since my in-laws are here to celebrate it with him. my mom has already set-up the christmas tree some weeks back and it was a great backdrop to nikko's photo session.

in the evening, we celebrated it with dinner with my in-laws and nelo's cousins also came over.  nikko was up and about that night.  funny, but whenever there are guests in the house, nikko always wakes up on cue.  he's not sleeepy at all even though it was his bedtime already.  he was such a gracious host, and was very generous with his smiles and laughter.  he was even excited to open up his gift given by his tito philip.

dinner consisted of sotanghon pancit, fried chicken, lumpiang shanghai and beef stew.  i wasn't able to take photos of the food. but let me just say it was yummy!  my mom really is the best cook ever! 

 a great night to cap off my little boy's 6th month celebration!

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