Wednesday, December 07, 2011

december daily 2011: day three

it was a hectic day three for our family. december 3 was nikko's monthly check-up and it was also aly's 6th birthday celebration.

we had to prepare early so we can line-up early  for our pedia appointment. the check-up went well but there were alarming signs over nikko's colds and occasional cough.  we were prescribed to give meds through a nebulizer.  plus, continue with his colds medicine.  it will be a 5-day treatment, hopefully he feels better by then. he was also given his vaccine shots.

after the pedia, we had to rush to jollibee for aly's party.  it was already halfway through when we got there.  good timing though 'coz the mascots were already entertaining the kids.  nikko loved the mascots, jollibee and twirlie.  he wasn't afraid at all and he even kept on touching the mascot's face.  he's such a brave baby.  

nikko even participated with aly's gift opening.  i'm sure if he was bigger, he would have wanted to tun around and play already with the big kids.  we had fun at the party.

we got home a little late though since we still had to pick-up the nebulizer from my in-laws place.  nikko will have to start on the nebulizer soon.

with december's entry, it's been a little colder than usual already. this could probably be one factor also for nikko's colds.  the sudden changes in the weather is not good for kids.

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