Thursday, December 08, 2011

december daily 2011: day four

day four was both stressful and relaxing to say the least.

we started nikko on the nebulizer the night before and it was so heartwrenching to see him cry.  he was irritable and putting the mask on him wasn't a good idea.  he was crying and kicking his way out of our tight embrace. but we knew we had to do nebulize him and give him that medicine.

and so early sunday morning, we were anticipating and dreading the same reaction from nikko.  thankfully, he was more willing this time around. he didn't fuss as much and he just let me place the mask over his face.  plus, we had to switch on the tv to disney junior to get him distracted. it's always hard when your baby gets sick.

after  that, it was a more relaxing day.  nikko and i were the only ones left in the house. dad was in the store and the rest all had errands.  while nikko was sleeping, i just sorted through our photos.  and when he woke up, we just played and played. it was a great bonding time for my baby and me. love these moments!

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