Thursday, April 03, 2008

6%... continued

we had no choice today but to go there personally and "contest" the appraisal value they gave us. a neighbor of ours who works there was kind enough to assist us and we were able to talk to the department head of the appraiser. unfortunately, the appraiser wasn't there so no immediate discussion and action with him can be done.

the discussion with the department head was positive in a way. he was accommodating and reviewed our files and mentioned a few things here and there pertaining our construction.

i had to lay it down on the table... their assessment is what stands between our papers being finally processed and the 1st release of our loan. i had to be upfront, i don't think there is no other way of saying it.

we were advised that he'll wait for the person who appraised our property and he will see what can be done further for us to reach the minimum equity requirement.

as this saga continues, i only pray that he can guide us through this. a lot has been invested already and honestly, without that first release, we will have tough times ahead. it's tough as it is but it will get harder as the months progress.

give us guidance lord... and again, please help us win in the lottery!

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