Wednesday, April 02, 2008


that is what stands between us and that loan we've been waiting for!

the equity should be 30% apparently and according to our contractor we've reached it already.

but apparently NOT! that is according to the assessor who went to the house last week. according to the report, which we just found out today, we've only reached 24%!

a difference of six f*&$^#g percent!

can't they let go of the f*&$^#g 6% and just approve our request! how the heck do they actually compute or assess it anyway!

it's been 2 months and 8 days since the application has been filed! countless worries and running here and there to make sure all documents are secure and submitted as per their requirement! and now what?! we're still waiting for the f*&$^#g approval!

now we are at a standstill. it's a point of damn if we do, damn if we don't. if we move forward, we're lacking of funds already. if we don't move forward, they won't see any development.

what are we to do?! this is so frustrating!

lord, help us win the lottery please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. nakaka-frustrate talaga mag-housing loan sa pinas. the banks have their own assessors who assesses the value of the property according to the bank's criteria. unlike dito sa US na independent ang appraiser and appraises the value of the property depending on the neighboring properties.

    sorry to say, banks are sharks. they won't invest in a property that they won't prosper.

    baka you can look for other funding sources - other bank perhaps (with a more lenient criteria), SSS or pag-ibig?