Friday, April 04, 2008

and the saga continues (chapter 1)

i just arrived from their office.

i was advised yesterday to bring photos of current developments in the construction so they can review it. i did just that today. i waited and was advised to discuss with the person who appraised us.

and now the verdict is, they have to conduct another site inspection. this will be inspection #3.

i am starting to lose patience but i know i shouldn't. i need that loan and in as much as i hate the system, i have to contend with it. at the back of my mind, i was shouting "that is my hard earned tax money which i pay this government that i am borrowing! why the heck can't you process it properly and at a much faster pace!"

i know, i know, i musn't lose sight of the fact that i, need the loan and i have to be patient.

and so we wait until tuesday next week to see what the result will be.

i pray that they will be more understanding and consider the merits of the construction and give us already the % equity required.

lord, please give us more strength to face this adversity in our life...

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