Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my sweet valentine

nelo outdid himself once more this valentine's day.

you see, in our relationship, my husband has gained the reputation of coming up with surprises for me at the least expected moments.

there was the time he formally courted me, not by saying it directly but rather by asking me to open the car's glove compartment and asking me to get something from there. clueless me did open it and found instead a box with a note on top asking me to be his girlfriend and giving me his first gift ever.

then there was the time he gave me a card for our anniversary and for someone who doesn't like to write love letters, it was such a sweet expression of his love.

then there was valentine's of last year when instead of giving me directly his gift, he asked me to pick from a set of papers with matching consequences.

and there was the poem he composed during our anniversary last year about our life being like rainbows.
this year, he surpassed his sweet little antics once more...

the first gift was a duplicate key to our car. the one i've been nagging him about after 2 incidences of being locked out of the car and him not having a spare key. the key was given to me hanging from a single red rose and beside a cupcake with matching heart icing.

the next one was given after we parked the car to have coffee & dessert. it was the special edition starbucks bear that he knew i like so much.

third, and the best gift of all, was given to me while we were having coffee. it was a little pink envelope he passed on to me. as i opened it, i was grinning from ear to ear as i read through each of the coupons inside. there were 12 coupons in the envelope, each had a corresponding item which i can claim from him every month! oh my gosh! i was so happy with that sweet little gift! it was the best really. and you can see that he really thought about the gift! i was in cloud 9 after that.

i was still giddy the following day as i shared the story to some of my officemates and even to my scrapbook friends over the weekend.

it really was one of my best valentine's day ever! love you love!


  1. ang sweet naman! inggit ako. mukhang mang-aaway ako ng asawa mamya ha. LOL.

  2. liza! how sweet of nelo! you have a good man who loves you very much! :-)

  3. aawwww! can he give my hubby lessons!

  4. liza, wala bang 10k worth ng GC dyan sa scrapbooking store? hahaha
    pakisabi naman kay nelo medyo dumikit dikit kay meng bka sakaling mahawa si meng! hahaha!

  5. Hi Liza! How sweet!!! My hubby is also very thoughtful but I am the one who always cooks up something. You just gave me a great idea! Thanks for sharing.