Thursday, February 15, 2007

heart, heart, heart

it's a day after happy "hearts" day and i love what i got from hubby! it was really a simple gift but the thought behind it and how he gave it to me was the best.

after picking me up from the office, he asked if i have a gift for him. i said no (but actually i have one but i hid it for the meantime). he said he has one for me but he has to park first. ok! i got excited about it, really! so we parked first and then he pulled out 4 strips of paper. he said i have to pick one if i want to get my gift. kilig moment!

so i pulled 1 strip, opened & read it. wrong one! it said i have to treat all of them (my family) to ice cream (and i can pick again). getting more excited at that time. i pulled another one and it now said, you deserve a kiss from your hubby (sweet!), and i get another chance. okay, now i'm really, really excited! i pulled the 3rd one and it said, congratulations! you get your gift from your hubby! woohoo!

he stepped out of the car and got the gift from the trunk. i opened it and i got my gift - a teddy bear! hahaha!

he is such a teaser! imagine going through a game first before being able to get your gift! how sweet indeed!

by the way, the last strip of paper that i didn't get said, i have to sing a love song to my hubby to get another chance. hahaha!

here's the gift i got from him and those strips of paper i picked.

we actually had a pre-valentine dinner already the weekend before valentine's day. we didn't want to join the mad rush to the restaurants. we had dinner at good earth at greenbelt3 and had coffee and dessert at starbucks after. we had fun and i felt more relaxed with that arrangement.

by the way, since hubby already topped the "gimmick list" when he did that pick-a prize thing for his valentine's day gift. i just gave him his gift when we got home. it was a pair of jeans and a pink polo shirt. first time he'll actually wear a shirt with that color. he looked cute in that new outfit!
it was one of the best valentine's celebration we've had.

love you, love.

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  1. wowoee! very very sweet naman your DH. i am sure you had a very very romantic-uhmmm night together! hehehe