Friday, September 28, 2007

mild stroke

the ct scan confirmed it yesterday.

my dad did have a mild stroke last wednesday. if not for my brother insisting that they go to the hospital immediately, things might have gotten worse.

according to the ct scan, his veins were swollen which is why his blood pressure was up. good thing no vein popped or else it would have been a different story.

he is quite okay now but he's still confined in the hospital. they have to make sure that his bp has stabilized already before he'll be allowed to go home. hopefully he can go out by tomorrow.

the other downside to this is, he now has to take maintenance medicine for his bp. and he really has to be careful not to get tired as much. the medicine is a better compromise compared to a worse case scenario.

i thank everyone who has offered their prayers for his recovery. i am truly grateful.


  1. thank God your dad's ok now. :)

  2. hi liza, i'm glad it was nothing very very serious. buti naagapan di ba? i'll keep him in my prayers. tc!