Wednesday, September 26, 2007

almost perfect

my birthday started off great today.

at 12:05 am, nelo woke me up with a birthday greeting while holding a box of sans rival complete with 3 candles. i didn't even notice the cake in the car when he picked me up from office yesterday. what a way to start the day.

no birthday leave for me so it was off to the office this morning. i was greeted by friends and i received a number of texts as well from friends near and far.

i left the office earlier today. we dropped by the church and gave thanks for the past year and prayed for another year blessed with good graces and guidance.

we were home by 6pm. the plan was to just have dinner at home with my family. my mom was preparing for dinner when we arrived and my dad was quite well. that was until 7pm.

i was inside the room when nelo called me and said dad slipped on the street. i went out and saw that most of the neighbors were helping him. apparently, he got dizzy and felt the surge of high blood pressure. and he slipped by the road. good thing some of the neighbors saw him and was able to assist immediately.

a friend of ours took his bp and it was 130/100. my brother decided to bring him to the hospital already lest his pressure shoots up some more.

it was a good decision. when they arrived at the hospital by 8pm, his bp was up to 171/100. and further increased to 180/110 by 9pm. they had to put dextrose on him along with some medication to lower his blood pressure.

he is already stable at the moment. my brother said he wants my dad confined overnight so his bp can be monitored. and i totally agree. they are just waiting for the results of his tests to determine what our next course of action should be.

what a way to cap off my birthday. i was hoping for a quiet "celebration" but i guess fate had something different in mind.

right now i am just grateful that my dad has stabilized already. and i just pray that he recovers soon. that is all i ask and pray for, for now.


  1. Grabe! I hope your dad recovers soon.

  2. hi liza, i wish you were able to celebrate your birthday in better circumstances, but still let me wish you a happy one.

    here's a prayer that your dad recovers soon. hugs sis!

  3. Hi, sis. Hope your dad gets better soon. Will pray for him, sis. *mwah*

    Hay naku, I can so totally relate about special occasions not turning out how to think they should be. But the important thing is we count our blessings and cherish the meaning of the occasion wherever we are. So happy birthday to very special you. =)