Tuesday, September 25, 2007

as i face another year

a few more hours and it will be spetember 26.

another year added into my life.

there is much to be grateful for in the past years. no major illnesses for me or my family. a family who has continued to support me through my ups and downs. i've gained new friends and developed stronger relationships with some. and, a new source of added income, just enough to sustain the little whims i have for scrapbooking.

thankful for old friends who have remained with me through all these years. we may not have been talking as much as we used to, but i know she knows how grateful i am for her presence in my life.

new adventures have been experienced by going to new places and learning things along the way.

much thankful for a husband, who have stood by me through my joys and pains. his support in more ways than one have helped me keep my feet on the ground and be even more thankful for what i have.

if you are to ask me what i wish for this year, i can think of a few...

i wish that we will finally be able to have our house built. it will be a start of new things for us and i pray that he guides us to achieve this dream. it will be hard for us financially once things gets rolling but i truly pray that we survive this. we know its for our own future. a lot of adjustments but i truly pray it happens.

i wish for better days at work. i pray that it be a rewarding year for my career. i've given much of myself into this job and i pray that we are able to reap the fruits of our labor eventually.

i wish for continued growth in my hobby. it has opened new doors for us and i pray that it contiues for us.


i pray for this one wish i so long for. a wish that i've been praying for for the past 3 years. that one thing that can make things complete for me. i pray for his guidance and blessing to make that wish a reality.

more than anything, the last wish is the one thing that will make all things truly complete for me. only he know whether it is time buut i pray that he hears us. that he guides us to the right path.

again, thank you for a happy year and i look forward to another year of life ahead of me.


  1. Maligayang kaarawan Liza!

    Sana lahat ng wishes mo makamtan mo na!


  2. Happy Birthday Liza! hugs and kisses to you my dear!

    May all your wishes came true! at sna wala kang meeting sa birthday mo...hahaha! pahinga naman!