Wednesday, August 22, 2007

10,000th mark

i just reached the 10,000 mark in my hit counter for this blog.

i don't know how much percentage of that accounts to my own hits but i still reached the mark. hahaha!

according to bravenet, 61% of my stats are actual unique hits and the remaining 39% are repeat hits. wow, i'm quite happy to have just learned that.

i never did realize that i'll be able to continue this blog this far. i only started this just so i can't forget the little things that happens in my daily life. but now it has even evolved into a gallery of sorts for my scrapbook layouts. it is here that people have seen my different personalities. they've seen my most vulnerable side, my struggles with loss, my travels, my daily ramblings, my friends and my addiction.

and now as i move forward to reach the 20,000th mark, let's hope that i am able to continue this on.

i hope that with the little things i am able to share here, i have somehow been able to touch your lives for the good.

thank you to you who have continued reading on "a few of my thoughts..."

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