Wednesday, August 22, 2007

bite me!

i submitted my "shark attack" layout at don't worry be scrappy for their water themed layout contest earlier this month. i completely forgot about it until i get an email from their owner, mryia williams. this capped off my day yesterday. i did not actually win but it was still worth the try.

here's what she wrote:

Subject: Re: Don't Worry, Be Scrappy! Water Themed Layout Contest
From: "Owner - Don't Worry, Be Scrappy"

Hello Liza,

I wanted to take a moment to write to you about your layout. When it arrived in my email box, I was having one of those days. I glanced into the email and saw the words "Shark Attack" and at that moment I just couldn't look any further. I honestly couldn't figure out why someone would scrap pictures of being attached by a shark.

Later I was printing layouts to display in the store and your layout caught my eye. I started laughing and I kept laughing till I had tears rolling down my face. The pictures of Bruce "attacking" you are priceless! I adore the layout and it still makes me smile every time I see it!

You were in the top 3 of the staff favorites but unfortunately I got out voted in the end, LOL! The good news is that as the owner, I can make up some rules as I go :)

So I am awarding you a 10% off coupon just for bringing a smile to my heart (if you decide to use it just enter xxxxx into the coupon box during checkout)! Thanks so much for entering and for making me smile.

Mryia Williams,
Don't Worry, Be Scrappy!

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  1. You made other people happy just by posting your LO, Liza and that's just great di ba?!

    Tignan mo nga naman nagagawa ng scrapbooking!!!

    Galing galing!