Tuesday, August 28, 2007

muscle pain

after countless tries and prodding from nelo, i have finally tried playing badminton.

and now i am aching all over!

since it was a holiday yesterday and no schedules to attend to, i finally agreed with nelo that we will play badminton. we were at the court by 9:30am and good thing there wasn't much people on the court yet.

i've never really played except on the streets when i was still in high scholl which was like years ago. but surprisingly, i'd like to believe that i was able to play well. even nelo was surprised that i was able to keep up with his serves. although i knew he was trying to control the shots a bit.

it was actually fun! fifteen minutes into the game and i was already sweating. we played for only an hour since we still had to meet clariz & emer for lunch. i felt light after the game and it was something that i would want to try again.

but today, i felt the grunt of that game. it's been a while since i exercised and my body wasn't used to this. lol! as soon as i woke up today, i couldn't move! i literally had to crawl out of bed and prepare for work.

so now, my right arm is aching and my sides are like dead weight when i move! lol!

but despite all the pain, i really want to play again. i just need to find a court near my office though. well, good luck to me on this thing!

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