Sunday, May 13, 2007

raya's 2nd birthday

today is raya's 2nd birthday.

by this time, she would probably be full of antics already and giving us endless happiness. she probably would have been too attached to her lolo and lola knowing that she will be left with them during daytime as we work for her. she probably would have been enjoying the non-stop attention taht we all give her on a daily basis.

by now, she's probably getting excited already coz she knows we'll give her a great birthday party. she'll probably be enjoying the company of her cousins as they play together. she might will probably be playing non-stop today knowing that this is her special day.

but i know that is just wishful thinking. it is just a picture i have painted in my mind had she been with us still.

we'll still have the cake and the little party. there will still be some balloons. but there will be no gifts for her. there will be no birthday celebrant to party with us.

instead, there will be her family setting up a tent where she is. we'll have lunch and a few shared stories. no tears will be shown to our family. it is being shed now as i write.

it will be a little gathering to remember what would have been her 2nd birthday.

but i am definitely sure that as we gather there, my little angel is there with us. looking at us from the heavens, smiling. she knows how much we love her and how much we miss her.

happy birthday our little angel...

this is the only photo we have of her. the most priceless photo i will ever treasure in my entire life. the only thing left with me to remember how my little angel looks like. this is the first time that i am actually able to share this with others openly...


  1. Hi, Liza dearest. I'm so touched that a mommy like you are to Raya speaks with so much love. Just wanted to say that Raya is celebrating her second birthday. And she's kissing her mommy a Happy Mother's Day too. Love you, friend. Nina

  2. ka-birthday ko pala si raya... happy birthday to her. and to you, happy mothers' day. hugs and kisses to you, my dear friend!

  3. Im so touched.. you will never stop being her mommy. thank you for sharing Raya's memory. Thank you for taking me with you to meet her. I will always treasure that special gift.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Liza!

    I was teary eyed after reading your post. I could really see how much you love your angel, Raya. I hope God will soon reward your pains and sacrifices.

    Hang on Liza!

  5. Hi Liza, I was so touched by your post. I know how painful it must be, but take consolation in knowing that your little angel watches over you. You will forever be her mommy, and I'm sure she's praying for you. Cyberhugs!

  6. Hi, Liza!

    I got teary-eyed while reading your post. I'm sure your little angel is watching over you. Take care.