Friday, May 11, 2007

what to do when you're bored?

that was my question to myself the whole week!

our office server overheated last monday due to a brownout. the following day, that was it! the server went dead! we were un-connected to the world for almost 5 days! it's only this morning that the problem was finally fixed.

big bummer!

we can't use the email, nor can we print anything since there was no network. it was so frustrating!

we needed to send artworks to client for their approval and we had to rely on burning a cd copy and sending via messenger. communication from there onwards was through fax. we even ended up going to an internet cafe just to download the image needed for our client's final artwork.

if there's one consolation though about not being connected, i had to start doing other things that doesn't need an email or an internet connection.

so, i learned to fix my photos using photoshop!

i stayed at the cretive's workstation and i kept on asking our art director for directions on what to do.

actually, last weekend, our good friend jeff did a short photoshop workshop. i remembered some of the steps but i forgot the others also. so i had to ask somebody else's help just so i can get a head start on fixing oour photos.

i was quite happy with the results. i know i still have a lot of learning to do but the adjustments i learned will suit me for now.

i'd like to share here some of the photos i adjusted. let me just say though that this is so addicting. i have this urge to photoshop every picture we have before i even have it developed. and this is just color manipulation and a few minor effects. well i can't wait for more!

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