Friday, May 25, 2007

it was a busy week...

last weekend.

first off, the scrapfest last saturday was a hit! i think more than a hundred attended this scrapbooking event. it was a n honor to have been part of those who helped in that event.

i co-emceed the event with joanne. we showed a demo of the "she" layouts. of course, in between the workshops, i was going around shopping as well for scrapbook stuff. i went broke once more but i did love the items i got.

oh, and i also helped angel jacob create her 1st scrapbook layout. she actually covered the event and the last segment i think was the one where she'll create a scrapbook page. good thing i didn't stutter while talking to her during the segment. i'm sure it's just the layout that will be shown, still, it wouldn't be bad seeing my work with her seen on tv. which reminds me, i have to ask joanne when that segment will be shown at the lifestyle network.

next, we went to enchanted kingdom last sunday. thanks to the invitation of my friend rama, we were able to go back there again after a year and a half. it was the birthday eclebration of rama's son miggy and daughter isabel.

it's been a long time since i've last seen her. the party was fun seeing the kids enjoy the clowns and the magic show. of course after the party, we went around the park already to have fun.

we tried some of the rides and we were saving the log jam and rapids for last. unfortunately, i suddenly had my monthly visit so we decided to go home already by 630pm. we just had dinner first at pizza hut and then it was off to our house.

unfortunately, that's when nelo had a minor accident!

after entering the toll gate to c5, nelo stopped for a restroom break. i was shocked when he suddenly went into the car. he slipped on the road and his 2 front teeth got chipped off! his mouth got swollen and he had small cuts on his arms! i had to call our dentist immediately to set an appointment the following day. good thing his teeth can still be repaired.

after all the fun we were having the past day, we had to cap it off with something like that.

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