Tuesday, April 10, 2007

family pictorial

we had so much fun in our family pictorial yesterday! great shots were taken courtesy of our friend jeff lopez!

the photo session was originally meant for my other sil, myla. but when we found out last february that charo and family will be going home for cecille's wedding, myla wanted a family pictorial instead.

so i arranged everything with jeff and asked him if it's feasible. thankfully he was very open to the idea and we've set the pictorial date for yesterday, april 9. good thing it was a holiday and nothing to worry about unavaialble schedules.

we met up near the ccp complex and initially started the shoot there. but since there were a lot of people and not much colors around to "play" with, we moved to a different location.

great decision from jeff! and here is the result (at least some of the shots) of that fun pictorial...

if you're interested in seeing the other works (and services) of jeff (and pia), check out their blog www.shootandscrap.blogspot.com

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