Wednesday, April 11, 2007


as in literally!

my voice has been going on and off since last week after i had high fever, wednesday night. and stubborn as i am, i still kept on drinking cold water the whole week.

i was pushing myself with non-stop talking and by monday night, i can hardly talk anymore! no voice was coming out except when i whisper and my throat really hurts.

so this afternoon, i decided to go the doctor already.

the verdict: i have an acute larynx and a nodule developed on my throat. which means, i CANNOT talk for 3 days. as in no talk not even a whisper!

wow! for someone who talks a lot, that is hard! now i walk around carrying a notebook and pen with me. and it is frustrating especially when you want to say something immediately. i have to make a conscious effort not to really talk otherwise, i might have bigger problems with my infected throat.

oh well, i just hope i get my voice back soon.


  1. naku, ang hirap nyan! anyways, i hope you get well soon. tiis na muna for 3 days. tapos non, talk all you can ka na! hehehe :P

  2. sis.. pagaling ka ha... :)

  3. get well soon...naalala ko tuloy when that happened to me boses bading ako.. as in hirap na hirap ako magsalita pinilit ko talaga...pero i had to take a break talaga. sort of nature's way of telling you to shut up.. hahahhaha