Monday, April 02, 2007

just a few more days

...till the "long" holidays. hopefully we'll be on half day on wednesday already so no need to spend the whole day at the office anymore. not to forget though that this the holy week and it's supposed to be a time for reflection and communing with the lord.

oh, and my in-laws will already be arriving that night. we'll be seeing christabel kulit again! lol! can't wait to see her.

plus, they'll be bringing with them some of my new toys! yipee! can't wait to give that bigkick a big kick! hahaha!

lots of activities in store for us. we'll be attending teh easter egg hunt at shang on sunday. i enrolled bel & aly for that one. then the day after, we'll be having our family pictorial. our good friend jeff will be doing the photo shoot! i am all excited for that one as well. i even bought an outfit for the shoot! talk about excited! lol! which reminds me, i have to email jeff about the arrangements for this one.

overall, this is another holiday i am looking forward to.

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