Tuesday, November 07, 2006


am back at the office today after a month's vacation. but i am currently sooo sleepy!

i've been trying so hard to keep awake since lunch time. my body is still adjusting to the time changes. i never thought i'll feel this jetlag. let me tell you how erratic my sleeping habit is right now:

when we arrived last saturday, we already slept at 3:30am, sunday. then i woke up at 7am, that's barely four hours of sleep. then by 3pm of the same day, i was starting to get sleepy already. i slept for just an hour then woke up since we still have to visit raya. by the time we got home at 8pm, i was really major sleepy. by 8:30pm, we were already sleeping like a baby.

monday morning, i was up by 5:00am. i didn't go to work yet knowing i'll probably feel sleepy again that day. true enough, by 2pm, i had to sleep again. it was already 5:30pm when i woke up. i capped the night off by 9:30pm.

i thought i'll be adjusted by this time. but no! i woke up today at 3:00am!!! can you believe that! i couldn't get back to sleep anymore.

and now, here at the office, i am trying hard not to doze off at my desk. i had to drink hot choco at 12:00nn to try to keep me awake. and it is now almost 4:00pm and my eyes are half open as i type this.

just 2 more hours and i'm going home immediately! i'll probably end up sleeping right away when i get home.

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  1. Hi Liza! My foolproof plan for not suffering from Jetlag: I never give in to sleepiness.

    Like kung galing ako sa byahe, what I would do is only sleep at my usual bedtime (meaning kung 10PM ako natutulog, 10 PM at local time talaga ako matutulog), then wake up (as in set the alarm) 8 hours after. Tapos during the day, I would expose myself to sunlight. As in lumalabas ako pag lunch time. So sleep only during sleeping hours. No naps.

    In the times that I travelled (changing timezones), I never had jetlag pa. As in bilis makarecover dahil dyan sa plan na yan.

    Hope it works for you too!