Sunday, November 05, 2006

texas journal ends

the texas adventure ends today!

we are now back here in manila and it was such a fulfilling month. it was the vacation that we have longed for in years and we were finally able to achieve it. i did miss my family and i was happy to see them again.

i just couldn't thank my sister-in-law & her family enough for this opportunity she gave us.

it will now be back to reality for nelo and me as we go back to work on monday. but it's okay. the trip was well worth it. the expereince is overwhleming and the memories are overflowing.

by the way, we ended up bringing home 4 boxes full of stuff back to manila! it's a little bit embarrassing but i have to admit that majority of those stuff were mostly on scrapbooks. nelo had a headache and an upset stomach thursday night while we were packing. it was a nightmare! still, we were able to bring home everything. we just had to pay though for the excess baggage.

i've learned my lesson in packing and i don't think i'll ever repeat the same feat again. hahaha!

so now, i'm still up and about. my bodyclock will have to adjust again and i do hope i'll have enough strength to be able to report to work on monday.

for now, there are lot of stuff to unpack and i still have to fix a lot of things. till my next post!

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