Friday, November 24, 2006

neglected updates

this blog has been neglected for the past few weeks primarily because of work.

coming off from a long vacation, it was hard trying to catch-up at work and all the projects and meeting that i had to attend to. everything just seems to be happening too fast that even writing on my blog just seems impossible to do. still, no regrets on my part. i've had my fair share of fun and so now it was time to be more serious at work.

so what have i been up to the past weeks?

first, we had an eb with our scrapper friend from canada, gem. i've known her from my two e-groups and she really is a very good scrapbook artist. aside from the chitchat we had with her at hard rock cafe, she brought along some of her mini-albums and showed it to us. wow! her work is fantastic. i would love to be able to get a chance to do something like that in the future.

the following day, we attended jorel's 1st birthday celebration at westgrove in sta. rosa, laguna. joanne's preparation for his little boy's party was all worth it. although the place was far, there were a lot of guests who attended. and everyone had fun at the party.

and then mid-week after that, we attended ate tica's birthday party. we tried using the choco fountain that i bought. i followed the instructions i got from ria on the chocolate syrup preparation. everyone was already anticipating the fountain. but, when we tried turning it on, the machine won't churn!

apparently, i wasn't able to "lock" a part of the machine properly. anyway, all is well that ends well. the choco fountain finally started and it was such a hit! my nephews & nieces loved it including the other guests including the adults. i intend to us that fountain again for the next party.

lastly, last saturday, i was out for work the whole day attending the tv shoot for one of our upcoming projects. sadly, i can't mention it here until it starts airing. i'll just probably post it here when the material has been approved.

that's it! those are the updates in my life. hope to be able to update more often again.

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  1. Inggit ako.. dami nyong activities.. Miss the EB's..