Monday, September 18, 2006

legaspi city

the hectic weekend ended well. although much of what i did in legaspi city was for work, i was still able to enjoy my stay there.

september 15 was our 1st day there. i was with ate vi, my officemate. as soon as we landed in the airport, we met up with my client for a few discussions and then they dropped us off at the hotel. we stayed at hotel venezia and it was just near the airport. we can actually see mt. mayon from there. such a fantastic view!

after that we went around the different radio stations to invite them for the awarding & press con. i was even interviewed at 2 of the radio stations there. lol! i tried to sound credible as much as possible! lol!

we went to gaisano mall for lunch and we ate at this local restaurant. the food was good there. we also waited there for my friend diane. she's a member of our scrapbook e-group and it was fun seeing her there. she even brought pinangat (laing) and bicol express for me. she also gave us abaca slippers and even had a few pairs sent to pia, jeff & ria.
diane & me laing & bicol express

in the afternoon, we went to the client's plant and waited there for the promo winner for a briefing. such a lucky woman! imagine, winning the grand prize and at a time when they really needed the money. the winner owns a mini-bakery and could hardly make ends meet paying for their property which they loaned through pag-ibig. she tries to make ends meet by also selling viands during lunch or merienda. she really is blessed.

after that, the client brought us to cagsawa church. the church that was engulfed by lava when it erupted in 1814. with mayon volcano on the background, it was a breathtaking view. i couldn't believe that i'll see lava flow down from the mouth of majestic mayon. unfortunately, my camera is not suited to take those types of photo. i can only say that that picture will forever be etched in my mind.
cagsawa at night cagsawa ruins

september 16, this was the day of the awarding & press con. when we got to the venue, the crew from mup was already there with winnie cordero. they were going to cagsawa to shoot the opening spiel for the segment. we decided to join them again. it was my chance to see mt. mayon up close at daytime. and i was not disappointed! its beauty was really remarkable. although at that time, the clouds were somehow covering the volcano.
tita winnie cagsawa by day

in the afternoon after the event, the client brought us to this island called misibis. it is being groomed as a top tourist destination in bicol. the place was like boracay with the white sandy beach. but it was still different since the sand was coarser than that in boracay. it was a different experience seeing that place. they even had this "look-out" place on top of the mountain and you can see the expanse of the island.
misibis misibis pa rin

after that, it was dinner with my clients and then back to the hotel.

the following day, september 17, it was our time to go back to manila. we had an early flight and i still had to rush to another event. it was goodbye to legaspi city and welcome back to manila.
airport to manila

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