Thursday, September 14, 2006

a hectic weekend ahead

this is going to be a VERY busy week for me!

tomorrow, i am off to legaspi city and i'll be there until saturday. we'll be awarding the winner for our client's promo. this will be the first time i'll ever be in the bicol region. i don't look forward to the work but i do look forward to being in a new place.

my flight back to manila will be on sunday at 830am. unfortunately for me, there is no flight back to manila in the evening. so, i have to stay another night in legaspi city. i still have an activity to attend on sunday and the event starts at 10am. i already feel stressed just thinking about the limited time frame i have.

from the airport, i will have to proceed straight to makati parks & garden for the scrapfest2. i'll be helping out by doing some demos during the day. my worry is, i still haven't prepared the items i need to bring for the event. i haven't even planned my layout for the shadowbox demo! argh!

tonight, i will probably sleep late already. i have to prepare all my stuff and i have to have my scrap stuff ready. my brother will just have to stuff it in the car when he picks me up on sunday. to top it off, i still have to pack nelo's stuff since he'll be staying in paco for the weekend! oh no! just thinking about the things i have to do makes my head ache! so many things to do and yet so little time.

oh, and i remembered, i still have to finish the mini-album i'll be giving clariz on sunday for her bridal shower.

after the scrapfest at 6pm on sunday, i will then have to rush to shangrila mall to attend the bridal shower party for clariz. she'll be getting married the week after, september 23.

wow! what a schedule! i just hope i have enough energy to last me the whole weekend.

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  1. grabe... hectic nga! sana lang hindi PAL ang sasakyan/masasakyan mo...

    PAL = plane always late *grins*