Tuesday, September 12, 2006

surprise party

we attended last saturday a surprise birthday party organized by my friend joanna for her husband, andy. the venue was at gweilo's in eastwood. it was a small venue and you can consider that only close friends and associates were invited. there were only about 30 people there.

joanna was busy preparing for it for weeks and it was a close-guarded secret. invitations were sent via text and the continuous reminder to make it to the event. joanna was really bent on making that party a success.

and it was indeed a success! when joanna & andy entered the venue at 8pm, andy was surprised to see all these people waiting there for him.

side kwento: andy was supposed to arrive in the venue at 730 pm. joanna, along with her best friend, shiela, was already at gweilo's as early as 5pm fixing-up the place. by 6pm, joanna suddenly saw andy about to enter the venue! she almost panicked! imagine, a surprise party and the first guest to arrive is the celebrant! lol! apparently, andy saw joanna buying something in a store and called her cell. but, instead of answering it, joanna ignored the call and decided to return immediately to gweilo's. and so, andy followed her there thinking, why wasn't she answering the phone! hahaha! good thing joanna was a great "actress" and convinced andy it was nothing.

the evening's surprise didn't end there actually! well, andy & joanna had seen a concert a few weeks back where the dawn was playing. and andy loved the dawn! so joanna commissioned them to play in andy's party! andy was blindfolded before joanna announced who the band was and when andy saw them later, he was ecstatic.

needless to say, we all enjoyed the party! we all had fun especially the celebrant who, while giving his speech after the party, was almost teary-eyed over the precious gift given by joanna.

such a sweet gesture and it was indeed a priceless moment.

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