Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ticket refund

this is the week we were supposed to be leaving for dipolog. but, our plans have changed and we're working on something bigger.

since we bought our tickets months ahead during the cebu pacific P10 promo, we had to refund the ticket immediately. unfortunately, the ticket is non-transferable so there was no other option but to refund it. a friend of mine said, she read somewhere that it will take a year before we can get back our refund. what?! no way!

just to make sure, we went last friday to a cebu ticketing office in megamall. we were advised there that they can only cancel the flight but refunds has to be processed in their office at robinsons galleria. i just asked nelo to take care of the cancellation since it was way off our regular route.

yesterday, he was finally able to have it processed. the ticket is now cancelled and we will be given our refund within 90 days at the maximum. that's good enough for me! imagine if it really was a year! we were charged P244 per person. not bad anymore. at least it wasn't too much of a hassle having it cancelled and refunded.

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