Thursday, August 24, 2006

my laziness

for the past days i've been feeling really lazy. half my time is spent browsing the net for various things instead of focusing on my work. i either search about scrapbooking (such an addict!) or try to find things that i can do in texas, if ever.

our interview at the embassy is already set for monday. i don't feel the tension yet but i know we should be reviewing already all the documents needed for that interview. nelo's in-charge of preparing all the documents and i've also given him the papers from my office. the in-laws are arriving this afternoon as well. we do hope that it will be a positive result.

aside from the browsing, there's also the chatting with some of my friends. either i chat with my scrapper friends or my "chat" group.

argh! this is not good. there's a ton of requirements from clients and there are also the developmental projects, both of which i haven't really started on yet. my drive for work has lessened in the past 2 weeks. i don't feel like working as much. some factors within the office is contributing to this diminished attention for work.

thank god it's already friday tomorrow!

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