Monday, August 14, 2006

need inspiration fast!

it's a rainy monday and am here at the office feeling lazy. i just want to go home and sleep. but i can't. i have a meeting in an hour and i still have to research about that company.

still, i can't help but feel ultra lazy this afternoon. it is the weather! the temperature is just right to just lie in bed and doze off to sleep.

so for the meantime that i am waiting for my meeting to start, i am browsing the net for some source of inspiration. saw some good layouts here.

you see, i am doing this layout as a basis for a challenge and i still haven't decided on the specific details yet. i've found the pix that i can use, i have the papers and the embellies but i still don't have the journal for it. i have an idea but i haven't really sat down to write the journal. i'll probably do it tonight when i get home. tomorrow is the deadline for this and i have to work fast tonight.

since am still at work for now (all the more i wish i was home already), i'll just satisfy myself looking at other people's layouts and hopefully jumpstart my journalling.

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