Sunday, August 13, 2006


surprisingly, i am home right now doing nothing much.

this is one of those rare times when nelo & i didn't go out on a sunday. we were able to visit raya already yesterday so there was no rush to go out today.

nelo decided to play badminton so i am left here at propped in front of the pc. i'm now watching csi ny as i type away. meanwhile, i am also browsing at the photos i need to have developed. i was given an assignment by some of my scrapping friends and i still haven't decided on what photo or layout i will create for that. i'll probably expound more on this project once it's launched already.

i've been reading a post about rhona farrer's 21 day challenge and i'm quite interested in taking that plunge. thing is, i want to be able to make sure that i'll be able to finish it before i commit. i'll try to read more about this challenge. i think i know what to write about but am still not sure how soon i can start on it.

other than this, i'll just bum around for the meantime. wow, how i wish i can do this often - do nothing i mean. tomorrow will be another day for work. but for now, i'll just sit here and relax.

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