Friday, August 11, 2006

friday madness

i wasn't able to go to work today coz of an incident that happened in the house this morning.

my brother got into a fight earlier coz of somebody who owed us from our store. apparently, while they were in the middle of their verbal confrontation, somebody hit my brother at the back with a 2x2 block of wood! the person who hit him ran off along with the person he was talking to. by that time, my brother rushed home wanting to get back at that person. my mom was already trying to stop him from going out knowing full well what he is capable of doing.

good thing i was still at home that time. it was 8am at that time, i was already preparing to leave the house when i heard their commotion upstairs. my mom was already short of breath from the stress she was feeling. good thing some of our neighbor friends came to help us out. we asked them not to let my brother leave the room and my mom & i rushed to the zone leader to seek his help about the incident.

we were told to go straight to the barangay already to have it filed and reported. my brother followed us to the barangay just as we were filing the report. afterwhich, we were then asked to go the police's sub-station to have it also reported there. at the police station, we were also advised to get a medical report. we had to proceed then to osmak for the medico legal. i checked my brother's back before going to the hospital, there was a huge mark at his back. good thing he was fat (no offense meant) otherwise, his spine might have been affected.

there were a lot of patients there and we had to wait patiently before the x-rays were finished. when we were given the clearance, it was already almost 1030am.

it was such a stressful morning for all of us. good thing he wasn't hurt much otherwise, it would have been worse. for now, we are grateful that everything is okay with him already. on the other hand, we'll be filing charges against that person by next week just to make sure that he's punished for what he did.

what a way to end the week!

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