Thursday, August 10, 2006

i'm a bad girl

i've been really bad! i've been going online shopping since last week. I'm pretty sure i'll be broke by the end of this month when the bills start coming in.

i just couldn't help it. there were a lot of sale over at and i also have coupns for 40%-50% off. it was such a waste if those coupons expire. and so i plunged into shopping last week. i just sent out all those items to my sil in texas. i'll just bring those stuff home if we ever get approved, i hope.

and i thought the shopping ended there. no! there was a 60% off yesterday over at and i knew i was gonna cave in seeing that! i ended up ordering again the alphabet die that i've been wanting for quite some time now. sigh! this shopping of mine should really stop.

but wait! i got a message from a friend that they'll be ordering at sizzix coz now there's a 50% off! oh my gosh! stop me please!!! i ordered a few more items through them this time.

bad girl!!! somebody ought to tie my hand and block all these online shops from my computer! i will have to scrimp on other items just so i'll have the moolah to pay for all these upcoming bills.

i do hope my hubby doesn't come across this blog. otherwise, he'll probably kill me later if he hears of this. those who know him, please, refrain from relaying this story next time you see him on our way to the eb. lol!


  1. hala... contagious ata si cata a... hehehe!!!

  2. ay buti na lang di na ako puede mag shopping kasi kung puede pa.. naku po makikisali pa ako. hahahaha