Wednesday, August 09, 2006

in a few days...

it's hard to believe that it's already august. eight months has passed from the past year and now, we're only four months away to another year.

and, the month is almost halfway through as well. in a few days, we'll be having that interview that we've long been waiting for. i've actually dreamed of that scenario before but i've never thought that it will become a reality. i've seen friends go through that process and i just listened to all their stories hoping that one day, i myself will get that chance. i just didn't realize that the possibility of it happening will come this fast.

we were just toying with the idea before of visiting my sil but didn't actually pursue it seriously. but, i guess we were destined to take this chance. the application for a visit was lodged by hubby in june and we got that schedule for end of august. it seemed too long a wait for an interview schedule that time. well, i was wrong. it's now august and a few days away from that interview.

i just truly pray that we'll be granted the chance. it's purely rest and recreation for us. and this chance doesn't come up too often. so for now, we'll just do the countdown and pray for hopeful results with this one.

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