Tuesday, August 08, 2006

a friend i miss

i had dinner last night with mylene, one of my dearest friends from iloilo. it's been a while since we've last seen each other. well, actually, we saw each other last may after almost 3 years. i truly missed her and it was heartwarming seeing her again.

you see, either she's in iloilo staying with her kids for a few months or, she's in the u.s working her butt off for her kids here. and it's very rare that she's in manila for a long time. good thing that this year, her eldest daughter, timee, is going off to college already. she's studying in ateneo and mylene accompanied her here to get settled in the dorm.

when i stayed in iloilo in 2000, we were officemates in one of the malls there. we both started off i that area after uprooting ourselves from our previous locations, she from cebu, and me from manila. we quickly formed a bond of friendship which was very important for me. you see, i was away from my family at that time and i only relied on friends for the companionship i was longing for. mylene and i have been through a lot in our work and personal struggles. we had fun times then but we also had our share of trials. but through it all, our friendship helped us through. even when the decision for me to leave iloilo came, we still stayed in touch. and the same went on when her decision to leave for the u.s came.

we promised to see each other again before she leaves for the u.s for the nth time. and so, last night we had dinner along with timee and nelo at super bowl. i was actually surprised to hear that she's leaving again. i know that it's hard for her leaving her kids but i know she has no other choice. she has to provide for their future and unfortunately, it means she has to be away from them for quite some time.

i'll miss the chance of seeing her again, and yet i am also happy for her coz i know that despite the struggles, she is now in a happier state. so for now, it's back to emails again for us and i pray for her safety there.

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