Monday, July 31, 2006


last weekend, nelo asked me to create a layout for their officemate (who is also our ninang in our wedding) who's retiring already. we agreed that it will be better to create a layout for a shadowbox and this will be their gift as a department to her. i devoted the entire saturday finishing the layout and i was quite happy with the result. it will be something that she will treasure for a long time. it will also remind her of the friendship she has shared with them.

incidentally, i was on a roll during the weekend. after finishing that layout last saturday, well, i finsihed this layout here yesterday. this is a photo of our trip to thailand last year. these photos have been sitting in my cabinet for months! i finally had the guts (and the time) to make a new layout using these photos. this is also a layout for a shadowbox frame. so exciting to be able to finish 2 layouts in 2 days.

note: since i couldn't scan this layout due to the thai mask pins i used, i just had to take a photo of this one. but the colors are not as striking as the real thing.

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