Wednesday, July 12, 2006

who would have thought...

i was on sick leave since last friday until yesterday. not in my wildest dream did i ever think that using an alibi like a sick leave will actually backfire on me. this is what happened to me...

friday (july 7):
i was scheduled to take a half day leave last friday. i was actually going to attend a despedida scrap party with some friends. and since i don't have any meetings, i decided to go half day saying that i have a doctor's appointment. however, last wednesday, i had my monthly period. which means, i really have to go to my ob in the morning, who incidentally advised me take another round of clomid. so, a half day sick leave turned out to be a whole day already. despite that setback, i did have fun during our scrap party. it is always fun to be around with friends who shares common interests with you especially scrapbooking.

saturday (july 8):
we left mid-morning for greenhills to buy a new pc. our pc badly needs an upgrade and since my brother & i will be sharing the cost, might as well scout for a good deal.

that time, i already noticed that i seem to have been bitten or something by an insect on my lower abdomen. i didn't pay much attention to it though. we practically spent the whole day at greenhills having that pc assembled and just making sure that all parts are working well. by the time we got home by 5pm, i started feeling uncomfortable about that "insect bite." i felt it was more than just an insect bite. still, i opted to just let it pass.

sunday (july 9):
the bite seem to have swollen and is really starting to irritate me. i had a suspicion already that it was boil. gosh! of all places to show itself, argh!

monday (july 10):
i decided to go on a half day leave to have the boil checked by the doctor. i went with nelo to medical city and there, i waited for an available surgeon. according to the girl who assisted me, any physician will still refer me to a surgeon so might as well go there already.

the doctor arrived at 10am. so there i was waiting to be called and i was already thinking this will just be fast. then my name was called. i was ushered in to the clinic and the dr. asked me what the problem is. i said i think i have a boil. he asked me to lie down for the physical check. bingo! it really was a boil!!!

the dr. immediately advised me that it has to be operated on since they'll remove the abscess in the wound. he said he will schedule me for a 2pm surgery immediately and will be confined overnight. i asked him if it can be an out-patient operation and he said no coz i will be sedated. it seemed to be the only alternative at the time so i said okay and called up nelo in the office to advise him. i proceeded already to the admission office and chose a cheaper rate room (read: semi-private).

by 2:30, i was at the operating room already being prepped up and all for the operation. i was by my lonesome at that time. nelo was in the office and cannot leave. my mom was the only one at home and can't leave as well. imagine, i was all alone in the hospital the whole day. the only time nelo was able to arrive was at 5pm. and my mom by 10pm.

i spent the night in teh hospital and was discharged the following day, tuesday. i was already bored staying in the hospital that i wanted to go home immediately.

and to top it off, i had to pay a whopping 20K for that minor operation! when i saw the bill, i felt nauseated. more nausetaed that time than when i was wheeled in to the o.r.

it was a bizaare experience. all because of a single boil! really! who would have thought that a single boil will cause me that much moolah! now, i can only look back at that experience and laugh!

tsk, tsk.

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  1. 20K!!! whoa, ang mahal ha. di ba pwedeng tanggalin yun with the use of a bottle, hehe.
    di ba sagot ng company nyo un?
    anyway, atleast you're ok now. =)