Thursday, July 06, 2006


it's that time of the month again and the result came in negative. the red flag went up yesterday and i am only human to admit the big disappointment that i felt.

i actually used a kit the day before yesterday and it was just a single line. negative. i cried after that. no matter what i tell myself about not to expect anything, a big part of me will always hope for the best. and so a result like that definitely affected me big time.

and so now, it is back to the ob again for us. i guess my hubby was right, i might as well not talk too much about it for now just so that we don't get pressured and the diappointment is just contained between us. but knowing how open i am about my feelings, it will be a "struggle." still, i know that it will be for the best.

i truly pray that god guides us to the right path. and, that my own little angel up there will whisper to him our heart's fervent wish for her to have her own little brother/sister soon.


  1. Liza... *hugs* In time, in time. I guess God has plans for us. Let us trust Him.

  2. Hi Liza, I know it's really quite difficult to psyche ourselves not to expext too much. Eventually though, sa kaka psyche natin sa sarili natin, nagiging sanay na tayo. hope either the next blessing of a baby or that pagiging sanay will strike you soon (para less painful na). =)

  3. Liza, I know how that must've felt like. Everytime I'd get my period, I'd always end up crying. But do trust that God has plans for you. He is not saying NO - but NOT YET. I'm praying for you!