Friday, June 02, 2006

thursday q's

actually, it's friday already. but anyway, i got this set of thursday questions from the n@w group.

i'll answer this to cap off this week. woohoo! weekend already!

I WANT to just rest this weekend and scrap all day to my heart's content.

I REMEMBER, my insurance is due for payment by the end of this month. Gotta save up for it.

I FOUND out just now that we are confirmed for our dental appointment tomorrow morning.

I HEAR that there was a "true ending" to X-Men III which we totally missed out. We went out already when they started showing the credits.

I REGRET that I don't have enough savings in my personal account.

I PRAY that I will get pregnant soon. I am really praying that He will grant our prayers for another baby.

I ALWAYS wake up early even if I slept late the night before.

I WIN over my hubby on most of our arguments.

I LOSE my ability to think logically when I get mad.

I NEED to really lose weight. I feel sluggish at times already and I feel that I easily get tired.

I PLAY very little sports.

I LOOK forward to our upcoming vacation to Boracay!

have a great weekend!

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