Sunday, June 04, 2006

rain or shine?

it was a weird weather we encountered early this afternoon.

we just came from our weekly visit to raya at paranaque. the sky was turning dark already after staying there for less than an hour. it wasn't even 2pm at the time. so after saying our prayers, we rushed to the car already since we felt it's about to rain. true enoough, the minute we got in to the car, the downpour started!

there was a heavy downpour as we headed home to makati. our usual route was via c5. it was really raining hard and it was quite hard for hubby to see the road due to the heavy rains. almost mid-way to c5, we can see that the sky over makati was bright compared to where we were. hubby said it may not be raining in makati.

wow! as we reached the middle of c5, to be specific, almost near petron station there was no rain there! the rain just stopped. and the sun was shining brightly as if it wasn't raining just a few miles before that area.

talk about a sudden shift in weather. it was sort of funny seeing the rain on one part of the road, and then sunny on the other half. it is as if you can stand in the middle of the road and half of your body is wet from the rain and the other half was scorching under the heat of the sun.

i guess there is just no explanation to it. nature really has its own quirks.

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