Friday, June 16, 2006

scrappy weekend

am off tomorrow to our monthly eb. it will be at iza's place this time in sucat.

am so excited to attend it. it's always nice being with a group of friends who shares the same passion as you. it doesn't matter if you talk about the same thing over & over again. they understand your language.

also, i've been made co-owner of the e-group by my friend leirs. wow! it's such a big responsibility i think. i mean, maintaining the group and making it as interesting as possible for the members. i do hope i give justice to this new role.

i've made a few changes in the site recently. it's not major but i think it's good that we highlight some of the members as well. good thing yahoo also made changes to the look of the groups homepage. it's now easier to read the mails and you'll see the thread to your topics easily.

it will be a packed day tomorrow. aside from the usual chit-chats, mia will talk about some of her techniques in her layouts. ria will give a tutorial on the use the basic grey notch tool and there will also be a scrap challenge. i already printed the basis for the challenge.

kitkat will be there to sell some of her stuff coz she's going digiscrapping. sahrie will send in susie to sell also as well as helen.

this is so exciting! can't wait for saturday already.

side note: before going to the eb, i have to visit the ob first. have to be checked again if my eggs are maturing already. no clomid this time. i sure do hope they're ready.

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