Wednesday, May 31, 2006

nothing much

it's the middle of the week and it's still the same old routine.

wake up, prepare for work. work from 9am-6pm. get irritated in the process with work, my clients and anything else related to work (again!). by 5:55pm, start fixing your stuff and get ready to go home at exactly 6pm. well, these are the days when i don't have any deadlines or i don't have any pending materials for submission to the publications.

otherwise, and like i said, it's the same old routine.

but it is during this time that i start to wonder about what i intend to do for the weekend.

i always look forward to the weekends! who doesn't?! it's the only time that you can do the things you want and just do it without worrying about anything. it's the time when i can spend it on my family and my extra activities.

sunday evenings, i get a bit sad. coz i know i have to go back to work the following day and do the same routine again.

oh well, i need to work so i have money to spend for our daily needs. and, i need to have money to support my hobby! or else, nelo would probably scrutinize my spending everytime if i end up with no work and asking him for allowance for my scrapping materials instead! lol!!!!

for now, it's back to work for me! can't wait for the weekend already.

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