Wednesday, May 10, 2006

what have i been up to?

well, aside from the non-stop scrapbooking sessions that i do in the evenings, nothing much really! like i've said, i've been too busy with work that i haven't written much on anything at all.

the holy week vacation was uneventful. just the usual stay-at-home stuff and church visits. although the week after that, our social calendar was suddenly filled with parties to attend to.

after almost 2 months of delay, my niece's 7th birthday was finally celebrated last may 22. unfortunately, the party host that ate irene commissioned did not arrive. good thing ate isay was willing enough to take on the task of preparing the games for the party. i had no other choice but to host that day. no one else was willing to fill in the spot. good thing most of the guests were mostly relatives. i should say the party was a blast despite the last minute glitches.

the following day was ines' turn to celebrate her 5th birthday. i've posted previously the gift i gave her. her mom loved it and has now asked me to make another album as a father's day gift to jerome. i'm excited about that project.

the week after that, we went out on a summer outing along with the residents from hubby's place. it was a community outing and it was a much needed break. it was a bit tiring though since i was up as early as 3am preparing for this outing.

once we got to the place, we just had breakfast and headed immediately to the pool. wow! i just realized that day it has been 3 years since i last went out on a summer outing like that. and, almost 5 years since i last wore again my bathing suit! funny, the last time i wore that was when i was still in iloilo. it was that time when clariz and i spent 3 days in boracay.

in the pool with nelo

here i am wading in the pool with hubby. i actually don't know how to swim that's why i only stay at the shallow part of the pool. i don't even know how to float! lol! but still, i enjoyed just staying in the pool the whole morning. it was relaxing in a way, not thinking of anything but just having fun.

another month has passed after that. the following day, it was already may 1. time really flies so fast. i can't even believe that 4 months has passed already from 2006.

it's another month to enjoy life.

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