Monday, May 08, 2006

my lonely blog

it's actually been a while since i've last posted something substantial in this blog. not to say naman na di substantial ang aking ibang life updates. oh well, you know what i mean.

malaking sagabal talaga ang trabaho sa ganitong mga bagay-bagay. there has been a lot of things that i should have journaled about but couldn't even find time for it.

it is only now that i realized that i really should try to jot down my thoughts so that i don't forget it! signs of old age?! nah!!! signs of being busy lang talaga.

anyways, i've changed my template just to jumpstart on re-awakening my blog. hopefully, i can update this in the next few days especially since we're supposed to "celebrate" something on saturday. i owe it to her and to myself at least.

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