Friday, May 05, 2006

are you quirky?

i got tagged by olive on this. hmm, have to think well about this...

quirky things that make my family special:

1. our family loves to cook! we've always joked in the house na walang payat sa pamilya namin. self explanatory na yan. hehehe! and since my mom loves to cook, she'd rather prepare for special occasions than spend a lot in a restaurant. her philosophy is, spend x amount in a restaurant and you can only accomodate a very limited number of people. but, spend the same amount but prepare it at home, you'll be able to feed double the number. who can go against that kind of thinking huh!

2. our family can't eat without any condiments, especially patis. it is such a very important part of our eating habit that appetites are low without this key ingredient. just to emphasize how important this is, my brother who just recently got married and who'll possibly be moving to canada by end of the year is already worrying where he'll get patis when he gets there. he's the most patis-fanatic in the family.

3. we love a good bargain! if we can find better deals in divisoria, then that's where we'll buy it.

4. the tv set is a staple appliance in our home. we each have our own set of tv. there's even a tv in our mini-store. if not for our small tv getting busted last week, there would have been one as well near the dining area.

5. we prefer drinking juice or iced tea over softdrinks. but, we do indulge once in a while.

6. i can't sleep without a blanket covering my feet. i don't care whether it's hot or not. my feet has to be covered, otherwise, i can't sleep easily. socks are out of the question.

About the Tag:
1.) Olive tagged me and I will tag six people.
2.) If you are tagged, then on your blog do a post about six interesting/weird facts about you and/or your family. Then tag six other people to do the same and leave a comment for them that they have been tagged and to come visit your site. This is one more way to get to know each other.


  1. uy dami kong nalaman and we do have lots in common ha. cge I'll reply to this tag this weekend :D

  2. hi liza! refreshing pics sa header, nakakatakam parang sarap magouting at kumain lang hehe :)

    me din, will try to post my answers later, yngat!!