Thursday, April 27, 2006

scrap-filled week

last week was a very productive scrap week for me. i was finally able to finish my post-birthday/pre-anniversary gift to nelo. it was an easy project but i had to wait for some of the photos to be developed before i had time to finish it.

i used the song he dedicated to me before, "beacuse of you," which was sung by keith martin as my inspiration. i also placed there some reasons why...

i finished it late in the evening some time last week and i just had to wake up nelo so that he can immediately see what i made for him. he was grinning from ear to ear seeing the album. he said he likes it very much and i can feel that he really does.

such a great feeling when the person you love appreciates the little gift that you give them.

and then, i also had to rush last week to finish my birthday gift to my niece, ines. it was her 5th birthday last sunday and i decided to make an alphabet mini-album for her. her mom has been bugging me before to create a scrapbook for ines to the extent that she tells ines what to tell me! lol!

when i brought the album to the party, my cousin immediately opened it and she was very happy with the gift. she showed the album to her in-laws as well.

her in-laws were "impressed" with what i did and has asked me if i can make an album for one of their apos as well who'll celebrate his birthday in august.

wow!!! i had the chance to find a customer for my scrapbooking. i actually said yes immediately on the request. i can't say no that opportunity.

i do hope i'll be able to earn a little out of this hobby. the supplies are quite costly that i have to sustain this somehow. hihihi.


  1. galing ng mga LOs mo sis... :)

  2. hehe.. tyaga mo!! :)

    goodluck, sana magkapera ka sa scrapbooking :D

    yngat palagi!