Monday, April 17, 2006

back to reality

the vacation is over and it's back to work again. goodbye to waking up at 10am for the past 4 days. goodbye to just lying in bed doing nothing but watch tv or read or eat. it's now back to the fast-paced cycle of work and work and work.

still, it was a great vacation. we did not go out of town. we just stayed at home and really bummed around. the only time we ever did leave the house was when we attended the church activities from thursday until saturday. i was even able to choose some of the photos i needed to be developed. at least that's one item finished for my scrapbooking needs.

we also visited our little angel last saturday. we were even able to spend more time with her than the usual. my sadness over her loss heightened over the holy week. there's not much i can do anymore but pray that i get over this sadness.

now, it really is back to reality for me. gotta move fast again and simply look forward to the weekends.

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