Friday, May 19, 2006

the hippies won!

the hippies won in the amazing race 9 against the frat boys and ray & yolanda!

the deciding factor came down to who had the better brains. the last task was to line-up all the flags of the countries they've been to and it has to be done chronologically. the frat boys were ahead of the hippies. but, they forgot the sequence and which flag of the 3rd & 4th to the last country they've been to.

the hippies decided to get all the flags first before they arranged the flags accordingly. and arrange it, they did! bj did it for the hippies!

i've been an avid follower of the amazing race and i truly like this show. there have been times that i've missed to follow it, still, i make sure i know who's leading the pack and who actually won.

for this season, i've seen the adventures of the participants and i was really rooting for the hippies, bj & tyler. i like them. they are such free-spirited individuals. and though this is a race, you can see that they tried to savor and enjoy every experience. be it the road blocks and the detours or the varied personalities of the other racers they came across.

and to think these guys were almost sent home packing. they finished last in 2 non-elimination races and they survived it and even came out as winners.

hip hip hooray for bj & tyler!

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