Wednesday, May 10, 2006

as your birthday nears...

on saturday, may 13, would have been raya's 1st birthday celebration.

it would have been the day that will signal my baby's transition from being a baby to a toddler. that would have been the highlight of a year's moments with our baby.

sadly, that is not how it will happen.

on saturday, the celebration will be different. yes, we will prepare merienda. we will prepare our family's favorite spaghetti, bbq and burger and i will prepare crema de fruita for dessert. there will be a birthday cake and there will be balloons.

but the birthday celebrant will not be with us on that day. she will be looking down on us from heaven.

raya will be looking at us as we celebrate her birthday. she will tell her papa jesus that mommy and daddy prepared a party for her birthday. she will tell her other friends, angels like her, about the beautiful cake that we ordered for her. she will see her cousins playing by the grass as she points at them and call on each of them from above.

raya will see her family there as we spend the afternoon where she now rests. she will see and feel the overflowing love we have for her even if she is no longer with us.

sadly, the celebration for this 1st birthday will be remembered differently. it will be far from the joyous occasion that we have envisioned before. still, we will be happy on that day. happy that raya will see us from the heavens and know that she is loved and cared for by her mommy and daddy.

i love you baby and happy birthday.

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